Has it happened to you? You get the same question over and over again. You answer it for each person as they ask it… all the while, thinking to yourself “I really need to get this answer out to everyone at once. I know they all want it. I should share this message with my whole network”. (and then the moment passes).

Well it happened again the other day to me, so I decided to seize the moment and Take Action to get this out to you right away.

The question I get all the time is, “Paul, should I write a book?”

Have you had this thought? Or better yet, have you thought “I have some great information or an experience or some knowledge I would love to share”. You want to get YOUR message out there and be heard… you just don’t know where to begin.

You wonder, will ‘writing a book’ help me achieve my goals? Will I make money from it? Yes is the easy answer. Much more indirectly, than directly.

“You don’t make money with your book; you make it because of your book.” — Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author

Now let me explain. The book creates the opportunities (more and more come to mind everyday) for you to be heard, and to attract attention, prospects, and customers everyday.

The first reason is authors are considered experts. Whether it is on a specific business topic, a hobby or a life experience, when someone takes the time to write a book, people view them as the leader in their industry, correct? They become sought out with an instant credibility just for writing the book.

Now here’s an interesting chicken or the egg scenario. Are authors usually sought out because they wrote the book, or were they already being followed and the book was the next step? BOTH.

Could this be a way to position yourself? I know many people who have used this effectively including Robert Allen, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki and many more. Each of them used being an author to more firmly position themselves as experts. You too can do this. Sound good so far?

Being an author is also a great way to build your brand. Your book provides a conversation starter, especially when you use it as a business card. Think about this for a second. Someone hands you their book. Do you make sure to keep it, whether you read it all or not? This is even better than a business card since it will be kept. And just think, this is a multi-page business card relating all your ideas on a topic – much better than 3 or 4 lines no one will read or remember on a card.

The credibility you gain by being an author with a published book is also a tremendous aid in marketing. You are able to use it in many forms of advertising providing the instant “oooh” and “ahhh” we all want when making an impression. The WOW effect you want. How would you like me to show you how to do this for maximum impact?

Your book will also create differentiation in your chosen topic. How many people have written books in the area you have expertise? Even if there are a few, I will bet there are many more people with the same knowledge/interest who have never been published. Writing your own book sets you in the top 1% portion of your field.

With the differentiation and credibility your book creates, you will receive many more offers for speaking engagements, joint venture opportunities, advertising co-ops, internet joint ventures – the list goes on and on. Now if you are someone who likes speaking as I do, this will translate into higher speaking fees and increased opportunities because NOW you are a published author and obviously “more widely known”.

So you want to write YOUR own BOOK and get your message out to a mass audience; You want increased credibility; You want leverage for more joint venture opportunities; and Your want respect as a leader. It is time to get the book done.

If this is YOU, stay tuned. I am finalizing a process to make all this happen easily for you… and how to include it as a FREE Bonus! Even if you don’t know what you would write, what subject you would right about, or even where to begin, this specialized process can make it a reality for you.

Watch for updates as this unique process unfolds in the coming days.  And if you want to ensure you receive the rest of the story, make sure to add your name and address in the Show Me the Way box on the upper right-and corner.

All the Power to You!

Paul Finck