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* The Facts: Not rumors, not economic theory, not opinion. The real facts about how to gain personal growth and development, creating a winning mindset. A real estate coach showing you what deals will work in today’s real estate market and what deals to avoid; hands on demonstrated with examples of real deals that are closing and generating profits right now.
* The Strategy: Learn several powerful and comprehensive investment strategies that work in any market and at any end of the investing spectrum.
* The Team: Learn how to build the right team for your investment objectives to ensure that you?re able to work smarter, not harder. Learn the fundamentals of networking and masterminding for success.
* The Stats: Do you know who your target customer is? Do you know what he or she is looking for? Do you know how to connect with them? Get the real research results to target the right customers and the right properties to maximize your investment dollar.
* The Funds: Think it takes a huge bank account and excellent credit scores to be a powerful investor? Think again. These expert wealth architects will show you how to use over twenty real-world techniques to fund deals and preserve your profits every time.
* The Goal: Create a plan to build your entire life around, building wealth in all areas of your life, personal, business, spiritual, relationships.

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Washington DC – Reagan National Airport

November 18-20, 2011!!