I wanted to be able to share with all of you an interview Deborah and I did today on Marriage and Working Together with Dino and Shannon Watts at Marital Revolution Blogtalk Radio.  They got us to share some great tips on marriage, business and family that you will love.  These are tips that we use daily in our lives and share with our children.

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Enjoy the interview by pressing play on the mp3 player below.
Marital Revolution Blogtalk Interview with Paul and Deborah Finck
[audio:http://paulfinck.com/audio/Marital Revolution Radio 09 14 Blog Talk Radio2 v2.mp3]

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  1. Karen Delgado

    Wow this was the first time I heard your story about the twins. I am going to have my daughter Nikki listen to it as they are going through much of what you went through for the second twins right now. She is very stressed because things asren’t working yet. What makes it hard is her youngest sister & hubby have 2 children, her older sister & her husband had her third daughter last July and her brother & his wife just had his 5th a few months ago. At this point I just don’t know what to say in the way of encouragement or to just let her know she is in our thoughts all the time. She is so used to achieving everything she tried for (she paid her own way to Notre Dame where she graduated with an MBA), that she is really having a hard time dealing with this.

    I think finding your passion & writing down what you want is definately is key.. I recently discovered what I thought was my passion is not. It is something I very much want to accomplish but it is not my passion. I have only recently discovered my passion but have not written it down in detail as you mentioned. I have been clipping words and phrases to make a collage to put up for me to look at daily. It includes places I want to take my grandchildren to. I realize my passion is to be able to travel anywhere and take different grandchildren each time to make memories that hopefully will live on long after I have moved on to my eternal home. Some of he questions Paul asked me at the seminar have stuck with me as I didn’t have answers to them at the time. I now do & after listening to this interview I am going to get down to exact details as Deborah mentioned. I am getting closer to beginning the mentoring & am excited because I know it will be better now that I have identified my real passion & will have it detailed.

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