Survey’s tell us that only three percent of our population has written any specific goals. They also tell us that seventy-five percent have no goals and the rest have general and unwritten goals. This means that there are a lot of us who spend our days reacting to the situations in which life presents to us. By living life in this fashion there becomes a tendency for dreams to remain dreams, instead of becoming your LIFE. Do you take the time to plan and set goals to lead yourself to higher levels of success and happiness.

What do you want out of life? Have you ever taken the time to give this some specific thought? The question itself can be quite hard to answer. Allow yourself time to answer this question and write specific goals. “I want to make more money” is a vague goal. Write a set amount with a time limit and you have a specific goal.

After a specific goal is made, set a deadline to it. How much time do you need to achieve this goal? Is this a short term goal or a long term goal? We can have a series of deadlines leading to a specific outcome.

At this point, observe the plans and goals and note areas of possible obstacles. Can these barriers be avoided or minimized? We want to be aware of these obstacles but we do not want to over-focus our attention on them. All of our energy needs to be toward the achievement of our goal.

Our mental outlook is an essential part in goal achievement. We need to train ourselves to see positive outcomes. Visualize personal success in terms of the chosen goals. Write and verbalize the goals as if they have already occurred. It is a good practice to start the day with these positive messages. Our day needs to be filled with these messages and even end it with them. This trains our mind to look for opportunities to meet our goals.

Once a plan of action is decided, you need to act on it. The sooner the better. Develop a burning desire to achieve the goal. Share with others the desired goal and ask them for their support. They may not share in your enthusiasm and then again they might. They might even know of ways to help make the goals more available to you. If you cannot get their commitment of support, you are at least reinforcing to yourselves your own goals.

Goals can come from any area. They can involve our personal life, family life, social life, work environment, financial status, or spiritual aspects. The list of possibilities is endless. Just remember, when your mind can dream it, you can achieve it.