Your brighter future begins today. You can be the sun shining through on a cloudy day or the rainbow after a storm. You already have what it takes to do so. Do you know what that is? There are no two greater or endearing qualities than love and kindness. You are an expression of these and they are for you to give and receive freely.

It’s not always easy to express these invaluable virtues especially when you’re feeling angry, down, stressed, impatient, or doubting yourself, another, or life. Your power and strength comes from knowing when you do, YOU will make a world of difference!

These days with a click of a mouse and a few key words you can read or view inspiring acts of love, kindness, inspiration and laughter from around the world, or you can watch the doom and gloom. The choice is yours as to which you look at and what you do.

Whether you choose to forgive, turn the other cheek, agree to disagree, apologize, let bygones be bygones, be loving and kind, offer a smile, give a warm embrace, offer a donation of time, money, food, shelter, or clothing, or lend a helping hand, the decision is yours and yours alone.

Do you want to make the future brighter for you, others, and generations to follow? You don’t have to travel far to offer small acts of love and kindness. You can do this everyday and any time of the day wherever you are.

Love and kindness can be shared in all kinds of simple and creative ways. Put your thinking cap on and see what new ways you can make YOUR future brighter.