Say YES!

Influence Others to Say Yes and Get More in Your Life!

Master Coach and Trainer Paul Finck reveals all the secrets he has learned over 25+ years of sales, negotiation and influencing other people to get what more of what you want in your life. Paul is the master at getting people to Say YES! to get what they now want. Remember that everything you want in your life is owned by someone else now. You will have to get them to Say YES! to you to get it.

A sales person must be:
  • An amazing communicator
  • A problem solver
  • A trustworthy confidant
  • An empathetic shoulder
  • and have relentless energy

Where do rate with each of these?

Is there room for improvement for you to have others Say YES! more often in your life?

Do you want to be “The Salesperson” that others think about when they are looking in your field?

Would additional training with the “Go-to Guy for Results” reward you handsomely with greater income, respect and prestige in your field?

How would this key training bring results in your life today? Would an extra YES or two each day change your life drastically? Think about that for one minute. Would an extra yes in your business create more? When would now be the best time to get the training to get that extra YES each day?

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The Say YES! Webinar Series includes 8 webinars teaching and training on Sales, Negotiations and Influence covering these topics:
  • Sales funnel of yesterday versus the sales process of today
  • Bringing the customer on the Journey with you
  • Step up with more insight about yourself and your customer or lose the battle
  • Body language – Yours and Your customers… in person and digital
  • The customization of the market and what sales techniques still work and which do not
  • The internal game of Sales and how to master it
  • How to create and sell your USP
  • Building rapport
  • Create desire … even where there was none
  • Elicit feedback
  • Negotiate on multiple levels
  • Always be closing with multiple techniques
  • How to stand out from the crowd to find the right prospects
  • Buying signs and the NOT SO obvious clues
  • How to create commitment
  • Produce Raving fans
  • Manage expectations
  • How to produce a steady stream of Referral business
  • and much, much more!

Paul pulls back the curtain to all the secrets he’s learned over 25 years in sales and marketing as a commissioned sales person. This includes the over $250,00.00 Paul has invested in his own education that you will be tapped in to through this training. He covers advanced negotiation strategies to get what you want in your life – more money, more deals converted, more personal success, better relationships, more of what you now want. The information is explained and demonstrated in a way you can incorporate it into your daily life today.

Do you want to know how to have others wanting, almost having to do business with you?

There is one place to get this knowledge – whether you are a beginner or an experienced sales person, Paul will make you better.  You need to negotiate to get your dream life.  Insure your success by getting the knowledge you know you now need.

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