Patience is defined as “the state of endurance under difficult circumstances.”  This can mean many different things to various people. This can mean persevering in times of hardship or abuse, or avoiding rash action or becoming needlessly angry. Patience is more like a non-reaction than a reaction.

Whenever there is conflict or some form of discomfort in our lives, our first reaction—indeed our instinct—is to react. We usually react with vehemence when we are scared or agitated. We lash out. We lose our tempers. We criticize. Though conflict and reaction is just a part of human nature, such rash thinking has been responsible for great bloodshed, world wars, premature death, and years and years of nationwide resentment.

It’s safe to say that sometimes the greatest reaction is a non-reaction. When we exercise the quality of patience, we stop ourselves from taking immediate action. We do not emotionally react to an uncomfortable situation. We distance ourselves from the challenge long enough to understand it in logical terms. Eventually, we may decide to take action or to express our dissatisfaction—yes even our anger—with someone else. However, when we do so we will not be emotionally reacting. This will be a decision based on facts, logic and influenced by our quality of patience.

Just think of how different the world would be if everyone learned the quality of patience. Indeed, the world would change. You could even say that patience has the power to “rule the world”, because the most logical people in life usually make the wisest choices. People who react rashly will eventually make the wrong decision, and that decision could cost someone his or her life.

Someone who is patient can work with others, and focus on practical solutions to challenges. Indeed, this is a trait that the greatest world leaders in history have all cultivated.  You can cultivate this quality too—and rule the world with kindness.

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12 Responses to “Practice Patience”

  1. Dawn McLaren


    I would love to practice patience, but growing up with a family who had no idea of the meaning of the word, nevermind practicing it, I have a hard time understanding how to do this my self. This is especially true with my children who are 6 and 8 yr old boys. Any suggestions or websites you can offer to help would be great. How do you do it???

    • Paul Finck

      Breath deep and remember what their point of view is. Especially with kids – think about how they are viewing the situation will help you to respond in kind.
      I would also suggest coming to my Mindset Mastery Experience event (next one June 17-19, 2011). I cover this in more detail and by the end of the weekend you will be approaching all life situations with a new point of view.

  2. Randall Coyle

    I must confess that I attended one of your conferences in Silver Springs,Virginia and left early because I was really not interested. Years ago I prescribed to the whole Tony Robbins way of thinking and have since discounted it and exchanged it for the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am much more satisfied with my results. But at this time I do want to commend you for possessing some very sound wisdom. Thanks for your blogs.


    • Paul Finck


      I learned long ago it is an AND world … not an EITHER/OR world. The teachings of Jesus Christ are not mutually exclusive to the Tony Robbins theories. God gave us choice. It is with that freedom of choice that we make decisions everyday on what to think about and how to think. Tony’s techniques and many of the systems and strategies I talk about are the tools that assist in staying focused on Gods word and everything else that is most important in our lives without the distractions of the forces around us.
      Look forward to hearing more from you and maybe someday seeing you for the whole weekend.
      All the best in life,
      Paul Finck

  3. Chris Phillips

    What amazes me is the knowlegde and guidance comes when needed. I was just expressing yesterday that I am being
    very impatient with my own progress. Sometimes we need someone to look from the outside and say “it all right your moving just fine” , it is so true that we all need to learn to have patience, probably with ourselfs more than anything else.

  4. Susan Higley

    For me it is learning to accept the journey of my path. Enjoy the scenery, smell the flowers, pet the cats and celebrate each success going through my daily tasks. Make the phone calls, do my advertising, take my to develop my mind with books and tapes. Then,I cam celebrate joy and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. It is being in the present now and staying focused that helps my patience.

  5. Jon Hill

    It’s wonderful to hear that “still, small voice”, letting me know what is the path to follow, even if it seems to not be what is the wisest thing, but still turns out to be the best for your situation…

    • Paul Finck

      Hey Jon, Stay the course and come see us for the Mindset Mastery Experience Live event soon. You will receive more tools to continue to stay in process! Look forward to seeing you again soon.
      Paul Finck

  6. Kevin A Goldman

    I agree with Chris P. We all have many things we are doing at once and it is super challenging to make time for it all; that makes it easy to discourage ourselves if we stress about the things that aren’t done as opposed to making the plan to achieve them and doing them little by little. Patience is business-building.


    I love your one word definition of NON-REACTION. After assessing the situation logically and thoroughly we shall have more chance of making a wiser decision without any emotion.

  8. Dave Tich

    As always, great insight, Paul! You are absolutely right that having patience and avoidng the immediate “gut” reaction can help us make more effective decisions… and in my case, definitely improve my effectiveness in working with others to create win-win situations. Really appreciated the time you and Debra gave me personally this weekend in Orlando, Paul. Thank you!

  9. Dolly Parmalee

    Hello, thanks for sharing your opinions in Practice Patience, Paul Finck. This is actually a very nice website.


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