Here are 3 reasons most successful entrepreneurs have adopted an “Act Now - Think Later” philosophy about their pursuit of trends and business opportunities. What you will find is that this approach is not as risky as it may sound!

Take Action

The 'proactive' entrepreneur typically regards any business opportunities that show promise as something they either act upon immediately or forget about it completely. There is no 'middle of the road' thinking here insofar as possibly taking action later on. They know future efforts will not offer the same advantages or benefits due to a decreasing demand or increasing competition! In addition the longer you postpone on making any decisions the less likely any decision will ever be made.

It Scores

Fast action, even without a well thought out plan, will give you a much better idea as to the promise any venture may hold. If potential is evident, it is at this time many successful entrepreneurs will begin to develop a more comprehensive plan or strategy to make the most out of the opportunity. By putting together a plan 'after' seeing verifiable potential, you know the effort you are investing will be worth your time.

If It Fails – Next!

By taking action immediately you can get a better feel as to whether more of your time and effort is warranted. Here again you have saved yourself much in terms of time, effort and frustration.

The potential for financial success exist in many different opportunities that present themselves to people but to turn this potential into reality requires taking action. This may be the single biggest difference between successful entrepreneurs and those who fail. It is all too common for people to hesitate when facing big decisions, which then leads to self-doubt and eventually no action being taken.

The reasoning behind the willingness for many entrepreneurs to make such quick decisions concerning business matters is thus revealed. Surprisingly, for what appears to be such a risky approach, their reasoning reveals some very logical, sound and profitable thinking.

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2 Responses to “Take Action”

  1. Douglas Minton


    I totally agree with what you said. I learned from you that I have to make quick decisions, and that is what I have been implementing in my business. It’s is pretty easy for me to implement this, since I have had some practice at making quick decisions on the past. One cost me 10k and the other one cost me at least another 30k. I seem to have lost count. But with that said, I started to delay in my decision making and then started to lose confidence.

    But now, I am back in the saddle! I am riding a thoroughbred and she’s lighting fast! My decisions are quick and my confidence is on the rise. So far, I have no regrets and now I am passing along this information to my business partners and children.

    Thank you for reminding me that to be successful in business, quick decisions must be made! YES, NO, NEXT!


    Doug Minton


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