By definition, the word Positive means dealing only with matters of fact and experience and is not speculative or theoretical.  The concept is a way of thinking; putting emphasis on processing thoughts in a more desirable, upbeat way.  It can be described as the practice of embracing the affirmative in our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, and our speech. This is also described as a type of attitude to be found in happy and optimistic people. Most importantly, positive thinking can be described as a skill that can be acquired by anyone. By learning this process anyone can also more easily attain their goals.

It begins with a conscious desire to pay attention to and recognize the affirmative in any given situation. Once the affirmative, or positive trait, of a situation or thought can be recognized, then the desired process can be utilized. In essence, the ability to pinpoint and utilize this in our minds and actions enables us to better reach goals, thus realizing dreams, and by making an impact on all of our endeavors.

By learning positive thinking techniques and putting them into practice throughout every aspect of our lives we can achieve many benefits. The personal benefits of adopting this type of strategy are a optimistic attitude, belief in alternative possibilities, creative ideas, better problem solving skills, confidence, focus, determination, satisfaction and feelings of achievement.

By utilizing the skills of positive thinking, you will begin to experience an increased belief in yourself and your abilities. After experiencing success after success with positive thinking, your brain will become trained to see each situation as a simple challenge instead of as a barrier that blocks your success. As this skill is developed a new belief in yourself will lead to greater focus and determination. By simply believing that you will find a suitable solution you will gain the motivation necessary to stay on task until that desirable outcome is achieved. Plus, a can do attitude will help center concentration enabling the ability to stay focused on the helpful aspects of any given situation until the challenge is resolved.

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5 Responses to “Power of Positive Thinking”

  1. Charles

    How timely can this be.
    I know that this is the process and even knowing this there was a internal struggle this morning to stay positive and headed in the right direction.
    This is the kick in the butt I needed today.
    Thank you,

  2. Susan Higley

    Yes, seize the day with joy and positive thoughts. Greet others with excitement and when asked “How are you today?” Respond with an exaggerated confidence of “Superfantabulous!” It will send vibrations through your own body and
    you may send vibrations to the other person, too. A positive experience for all. Thanks Paul! Your friend, Susan Higley

  3. Birgitte Knaus

    There is a book called “Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. This book literally transformed my entire life when I read it at the age of 21 years. It catapulted my profession and everything in my life changed to a very positive outcome!
    I became a successful international artist and portrait painter.
    I used to give it as a present to many of my friends and family members. It was my favourite book for a long time!
    I highly recommend you to read it!
    Thanks for reminding me…I will pull it out and read it again after 35 years.
    Enjoy it!
    Birgitte Knaus


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