There is a very powerful, yet very simple trick from the world of NLP and Hypnosis that can allow you to literally change the thinking and feeling of another person without saying a single word. If it sounds too good to be true, read on.  One of the reasons this is so powerful is that it is so simple to learn. When you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to easily use this technique with your friends.   Excited yet?

Despite how impossible this may seem, it is actually quite simple, and is based on some simple characteristics of the mechanics of the mind. Not just human minds, but all animals. This extremely useful technique is based on a conditioned response, and is very easy to set up.

The person who stumbled across the amazing discovery is the Russian Scientist Pavlov. He was doing experiments on the chemical makeup of dog saliva. He would bring the dogs their dinner, and he would ring a bell, and then he would collect their saliva for analysis. After that, he experimented with only ringing the bell – no food. Guess what? They salivated just as much as they did with the food.

They had been conditioned to transfer their automatic, unconscious physiological response from the smell of the food, to the sound of the bell. So now, all he had to do was to ring the bell, and they would automatically salivated just as much as if there were a huge bowl of delicious steak in front of them.

So how can you use this? In the realm of conversational hypnosis and NLP, this is called an “Anchor.” And once you set them, you can fire them off whenever you want, to create the desired response in your listener.

Some anchors are kinesthetic, that is, they depend on touch. When your conversation partner is happy and laughing, you reach over and touch them on the elbow. Do this a couple times, and pretty soon when you touch them on the elbow, they will suddenly feel happy.

How would you like to do this without even touching someone?  You can also use this technique spatially. Simply gesture a certain way when somebody is expressing an emotion that you’d like to save for future use.

Try this the next time you are looking to win someone over.  Have the person talk about what they felt when they bought something they really liked. While they are describing that, set the spatial anchor by gesturing a specific way. Then, later in the conversation, use the same gesture when describing your own product, company or even referring to yourself.

This is very powerful, very covert, and very easy. Once you realize how easy this is, gesturing will take on a completely different meaning for you.

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Helping you master you mind,

Paul Finck