CONFLICT… where you and another person can’t seem to find agreement or common ground. Is it a familiar situation in your life where you and another can not see eye to eye? The worst part about conflicts is that they appeal to our worst qualities and attributes. Conflicts can come out of nowhere, for little reason, and once started they incite in ourselves anger, resentment, frustration and despair.

Conflict resolution is possible with the right techniques. Here are four techniques to manage and resolve potential conflicts you may encounter.

1. Admit the Challenge
If you and another person are having a conflict about something, admit to yourself and to them that at least there is a challenge. Ignorance does not resolve conflict. Acknowledging a challenge is present does not mean you admit the other person is right, you just merely set the stage by saying there is a difference in opinion – something that is obviously clear if you and the other person are fighting.

This first step toward resolution is to find common ground. Admission of a significant disagreement can be an ironic way of establishing agreement and initiating conflict resolution.

2. Learn to Self-Assess
You need to know how to recognize if and to what degree you are culpable in the source of the conflict. For the easiest way to resolve most conflict is to recognize if you are at fault and to take the blame. If you are certain you are not at fault, it helps to be able to calmly assess the entire situation and verbally walk through it with the person you are in conflict with. Powerful people are responsible people.

3. Take Time to Analyze
Don’t be afraid to take the necessary time to properly analyze the situation, which has two benefits. The first is that doing this immediately puts the conflict on the back burner, and gives both you and the other person time to cool off and consider the challenge. The second is that, through a rational analysis of the conflict, you can more easily find the source of it, figure out how to rectify it, and prevent similar conflicts from manifesting in the future.

4. Be Humble
One of the easiest conflict management techniques to follow is to learn to be humble. This quality has the amazing effect of removing the tension from even severely contentious altercations. Humbleness helps you self-assess and take responsibility.

If you find yourself facing conflict follow these 4 techniques and you’ll notice the conflict vanishes rather quickly because you put the appropriate attention on it.