Learn how to be more productive and you’ll find yourself buzzing through the day happy, content and accomplished. With the number of distractions that come at you left and right, many find it easier said than done. And it’s doable! It’s just different then what you’re doing now and it works!

In this article I’m going to show you how to be more productive in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Chuck Out The 3 Time Wasters:

Emails, Twitter, and Facebook are three of the most unproductive time wasters you could ever come across.

Check your emails only twice a day (once in the morning and one in the late afternoon), that way you’re not being interrupted every time a new email comes in.

Avoid using Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking web site during productive work time hours. I know it can be hard to pry yourself away from these addictive past times, and unless you’re being paid to update your status or check how many followers you have accumulated since the last time you logged in, it’s not something that should be taking up your prime time. Even just one tweet can derail your whole schedule, so stick to the no social networking rule during your productive time. You can always go on there once you’ve accomplished the priorities you’ve set out for the day.

And I hear you, “what if I am using social media to network for my business or drive traffic to my website? Isn’t that productive use of my time?” Only when done correctly and purposefully with specific criteria laid out in advance. So my advice, do it right or don’t waste your time.

Step 2: Remember Your Goal:

If you want to learn how to be productive in your life, you must keep your eye on the prize. You can only hit a target you can see. What is the reason you’re doing this or want this? What is your Why? You need to have a motivating factor and see it on a consistent basis. When you do this (and you happen to get off track or find distractions getting in your way of accomplishing what you’re wanting), you can quickly get back on track.

Step 3: Give Yourself A Deadline:

One advice I always give to those who seriously want to know how to be productive in their life is to set a deadline. By doing this, you become consciously aware of your decision to do your tasks efficiently. For tasks that don’t have an obvious deadline (get dinner tonight) or a built in deadline (taxes due), create one. When you do, create a deadline that is reasonable and yet make sure it is a stretch for you. Also, give yourself a reward for a job well done and learn lessons from the instances that you miss your personal deadline.

By learning how to be productive during your day, you’re paving the way to your own success. Your accomplishments today will be worth your weight in gold in the future. Besides, by being productive, you are not only developing your professional skills, you are also preparing yourself to take on bigger projects in the future – which are sure to come!