Are you confident when you prescreen your prospective deals?

Do you avoid answering your phone because you’re afraid of talking to the seller?

Can you structure deals quickly and easily over the phone in 10-15 minutes?

Would you like to make an extra $10,000 – $15,000 per deal over the phone and close them faster?

Do you get the deal when there are multiple investors interested in the same deal?

Listen to How Practice 4 Profits Teaches You

What I have found is that most investors would love to be able to do all of these things better.  There has never been a way to practice to get the confidence, the deal structuring skills and the correct negotiating  including all the posturing besides sending out marketing and taking the calls that come in as your practice.  This is expensive both in the marketing cost outlay and the missed profits from deals that you miss until you become proficient at pre-screening sellers.

Another challenge is the sellers usually do not tell you what you did incorrectly that had them choose someone else’s offer.  I know I would have loved someone to tell me what I could do better next time so I could get the deal.

I have created a program that addresses each of these areas to make you the powerful investor you have intended to be since beginning your real estate investing career.  Practice 4 Profit$ is the program that will have you moving forward becoming the master deal maker and pre-screener in your area.

Practice 4 Profit$ includes the following pieces:

“No Buyer Left Behind Call” – our guarantee that you will actively be a part of this program

  • Minimum of one call per week at random from one of our coaches for eight (8) weeks
  • Coaches are your “Sellers” on the calls.  You are the “Buyer” on each call
  • You Practice with a “Fake Seller”-  Less Stress and Cost while you Become a Master
  • You qualify the “Seller” through your screening process
  • Practice, be Coached, and learn to Prescreen in 10-15 min
  • You structure a deal and handle objections
  • Call is recorded and emailed to you so you can adjust and perfect your process

Bonus #1 – Power Call of the Month

  • Learn from other’s practice… Best recorded audio call of the month sent out with the student’s permission.

Bonus #2 – Deal of the Day Hotline – Practice, practice, practice…Repetition and perfect practice makes your calls feel like every day conversation

  • Call in during assigned Deal of the Day Hotline  hours as many times as you want to practice pre-qualifying sellers
  • One of our coaches answers the phone as the “Seller” when you call. You pre-screen the call.
  • No answer –Learn to leave messages that sellers have to call back

Bonus #3 – 911 Emergency “I’ve Got a Deal” Call– holy cow, this deal has profit in it and I’m stuck on getting it figured out and signed!

  • One Extra Call/week  MONEY EMERGENCY ONLY!
  • Have all numbers for deal – ARV, payments, what they owe, what they want, repair costs, why they need to move
  • Leave a message – Return call in 7 hours or less
  • 50% Deal Splits – Available when we talk to the Sellers for you.

Bonus #4 – Anytime, Anywhere E-Coaching Hotline

  • Oh no, they asked me something I don’t know how to respond to! Send a quick email to us and we will provide you an answer anytime, anywhere.
  • Responses to all emails within 24 hours and usually less

You can get all of this to fill in the blanks from the programs you already have that never covered this in the detail it deserves.  This is your insurance policy to make sure you succeed in real estate NOW!  It works with all of your other programs.

Go NOW to enroll in the Practice 4 Profit$ at the link below.  You will get immense value from it along with tips, tricks and Practice, Practice, Practice that you will immediately use and see a return on.  Take Action Now and get what you need to make more money in real estate investing starting today!

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