Can you imagine what you could manifest if you had no resistance to your desires? “What?” you say “I don’t have any resistance to what I want. I really, really want it.” Unfortunately, when that is a true statement, you would already have your desires manifested – plain and simple. I’m definitely not saying this to attack you or blame you. I’m simply trying to expand your awareness of this idea. Believe me, I still experience some resistance, too. We all do at some level.

There are a couple basic steps for taking control of your mind’s thoughts that will move you in the right direction. The first step you need to do is become aware of the beliefs that limit your view of yourself or the world, as well as negative thoughts in general. The second step is to replace the limiting beliefs and thoughts with more positive ones. Most people’s challenge is their lack of awareness of unconscious beliefs and patterns of negativity that have ruled their lives for so long. They don’t even realize the existence of them. Imagine that you’re a fish trying to distinguish the nature of water.

Everything is energy, and everything projects an energy signature; your thoughts and feelings project and attract the same wavelength of energy that is sent out. So if you aren’t receiving what you desire, you have resistance in your mind. The reason why you have this resistance is likely an important limiting point in your consciousness that has kept you from being all you can be.

When you wake up, how do you feel? Are you ready to take in the day in its entire splendor? Or, do you think that it’s just another day on the calendar, with problems to solve and activities to get through? How do you end your day? Grouchy? Annoyed? Exhausted? These are the kinds of indicators I’m talking about. How you feel and what you think are the not-so-hidden messages that your brain gives you to tell you where your resistance lies! Pay Attention!

To speed up manifesting, you must be a match to your desires. How do you match what you want? Try this… right now simply imagine how you would feel if you had all your desires fulfilled. How will you feel when your beloved shows up? How will you feel when you’re experiencing great success in your career? Whatever you are thinking, the universe attracts more of it to you. That’s the Law of Attraction in action. Immerse yourself in those daydreams as much as possible and the universe will hear you. Now you’re an energetic match to your desire. In time, your desire will manifest. Take the steps now and watch for the results to occur!