I am going on vacation with the whole clan (Clan is as good a term as any for myself, my wife, my six kids, and more – if you have any suggestions on a better word, please speak up). So as we get ready to journey out together their is a ton of prep work… organizing the trip, buying the tickets, deciding where we are going and what we are doing, packing clothes, shoes, accessories, cameras, sun tan lotion, etc. On top of all that I have my businesses to consider. How am I handling calls and emails while I am gone? Did I take care of any “fires” that have been pending? Did I consider about any possible fires that may erupt while I am gone? What clothes do I need for the trip? What purchases have I been putting off that I now want for the trip?

It is the day before leaving and “all of a sudden” these things become top priority. I must write the list, get efficient, do the items of the list one by one, check them off and double check the list to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and somehow get it all done today NO MATTER WHAT! And I do! Don’t ask me how – but today, the day before vacation, must be – and so it becomes – the most productive day of the week, month and sometimes year.

So why can’t everyday be the day before vacation – the most productive day of the year? It can. Just treat it so. I want you today to act as if you were going on vacation tomorrow. I want you to believe all your errands, choirs, to-dos MUST be cleaned up today because you have no more time the rest of the week – you are going away. Act as if – really believe it to be true – and watch your productivity soar. Clear you desk so there is nothing left to do for tomorrow. Run all your errands because you won’t be here to run them tomorrow. Answer all phone calls even if it is to say no time now lets set an appropriate time and date for next week. Put all those things away that have been sitting out because if you leave them out they might get lost between now and when you get back. Today is the day to do it all.

So what do you do before you go on vacation (or everyday)? Here is a possible check list:

  1. List all the items to be done for the next week
  2. List all the errands that need to be taken care of
  3. List all the calls and emails you have to send or reply to
  4. List all the projects that need to be done
  5. Prioritize all the above lists A-B-C
  6. With your projects – what is the absolute next thing to be done and write that down and prioritize them as A-B-C
  7. Now ONLY do “A” items all day – PERIOD.

Go out and make everyday the day you want to create the life you want and begin to “Design Your Life” on purpose.

Make today the day before Vacation.

All the Power to YOU!

Paul Finck