My Blog… my muses, thoughts, comments on life, teachings, and general updates on what comes and goes around my world.   My mission on this blog as it is in life… “To educate, inspire, and motivate everyone within my reach at every encounter”!  I will let you see a piece of what my life was and what it has become.  I will discuss the keys to which I attribute the changes that have occurred and demonstrate how they will continue to contribute to the changes yet to come.  As I do, my desire would be for you to begin to examine how all this relates to your life;  How all this empowers your actions; How all this creates something new in your thoughts, dreams, vision, or most important actions in YOUR life today!… or NOT!  AND then… let me know about it.  Give feedback, comments, questions so that we may begin a meaningful conversations.
Lets begin… I just revamped my website.  It is still in edit mode however you can see it now and give me feedback.  So please go to and let me know what you like and like to see changed!
Thanks and here is to you Designing Your Life!
All the Power to YOU!
Paul Finck