Have you ever wondered what it would be like to coach students at a successful event?

Do you like helping others get the most out of their seminar experience?

Would you want to give back to others to assist them in achieving their dream life?

When you answer yes to these questions, Master Trainer/Coach Paul Finck has the program that shows you how to accomplish all of these at the same time. He will teach you what goes into running a Dynamic Event that all attendees will rave about while moving the maximum number of people forward toward their dream life!

This is a one-on-one training at an event with Paul learning in the field as Paul and his team work the event. What an opportunity to learn from the industry’s #1 coach, trainer and salesperson! This training will have you observing and participating from the start. The best way to learn is by watching and then doing the same task to reinforce it in your mind.

Paul will show you how to set up a room to maximize effectiveness. There is a psychology to this often overlooked piece of an event. He will demonstrate what works and why. Paul will teach you his secrets learned from being an integral part of hundreds of events. This is all a part of pre-event set-up. You will also learn how to conduct and effective pre-event meeting with the staff for the event. This sets the tone for what is to come for the entire event.

Paul will show you how to build rapport with students starting from the hello at registration in the morning. He teaches you how to make every encounter with an attendee count in moving them forward toward their ultimate goal. Paul shows you how to continually advance the student to the next step in getting them to the point of enrolling in programs that will get them to the Life of Their Dreams!

Paul is the master at consultative selling with his 25+ years of experience in medical/dental sales, real estate investing, real estate coaching, personal development, mentoring and training hundreds of coaches, speakers and trainers. Learn from the Top Event Coach in the industry. Learn from the best, Paul Finck.

During your Dynamic Event Coaching Program, Paul will teach you:

  • Conducting pre-event set up and meetings to plan the most Dynamic Event.
  • Room set up to maximize event success
  • Attendee-coach rapport building
  • Moving students forward to achieve their dream life
  • Consultative selling
  • Package desiign and value building
  • Identifying student needs
  • Speaker support at the event
  • Working with the hotel staff to get what you need quickly and cost-effectively
  • Managing the constantly changing schedule of an event
  • Back table sales optimization

When you now want to be the most effective and successful coach you can be in any event, this is the program you should enroll in! Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to learn from the best in the business, Paul Finck. His time is becoming more straetched by the day with the various projects he is being asked ot be a part of now. This is an opportunity to be trained by the Premier coach in the industry. Step up your game and go after your dream of event coaching. See you at the Top.

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