What Is A Maverick – The Top 10 Traits of Being A Maverick

The top 10 core traits of being a maverick and creating greatness. These traits can be found in famous leaders like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Here are the top 10 core traits of being a maverick.

1. They are innovative, independent-minded, individualistic.
2. They are completely goal-focused.
3. They achieve success through risk-taking
4. They break the rules
5. They are open to experience
6. They are willing to stand their ground
7. They will move forward regardless of criticism
8. They have a low worries factor
9. They are highly creative
10. They persevere

Those are the top 10 that I have experienced and that I have seen, that help me to be a maverick, and might help all of you to do the same. Not only embrace this for yourself, also look for it in your team members, because the more of us there are, the more we have a chance of changing the world.

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